School Leadership


The School Council plays a vital role at Nilma. The School council establishes the broasd diretion and vision of the school within our community. The Nilma Primary School Council comprises of three Department of Education Representatives, six parents and one community member position.

School Council meetings are held on Mondays of Week 3 and Week 7 of each term at 7.00pm.

2021 School Council Members

Executive Officer: Annette Sutherland

President: Shannon Gibbons

Department of Education Representatives: Kirsti Farr, Belinda Smythe

Members: Stuart Turner (VP), Tanya Humphrey (S), Briohny Young, Sophie Gray & Cathryn Kelly


Nilma Primary School’s School Improvement team consists of Principal, Literacy and Numeracy Leaders.

Principal: Annette Sutherland

Literacy Leader: Amanda Buckler

Numeracy Leader; Kirsti Farr


Year 6 Leaders

At Nilma we believe every student has the potential to be a leader given the opportunity. At the beginning of each year the year 6 student s are presented with a Year 6 Leadership badge at a ‘Badguation’ Ceremony.

All Year 6 students are expected to fulfil leadership roles throughout the year. All students are encouraged to uphold our school REAL values and be role models for all students. Students take on peer support roles and leadership roles – organising many aspects of our school including Assemblies, Sports teams, monitors and represent the school at community engagements.

Junior School Council

Junior School Council aims to give all students in the school a voice. The JSC meet with principal and discuss any concerns, ideas to promote activities that homegroups would like to do, and raise funds for charities.

The Junior School Council then prepare a report for School Council to inform the council of their discussions and ideas.