Nilma Primary School Leaders

img_0464At Nilma Primary school the Grade 6 Leaders take on a range of leadership roles to provide them with a range of responsibilities and experiences. In Term 1 the Grade 6 students are presented with their Student Leadership badges at a family BBQ evening.  Each week the Grade 6 Leadership Team meets with our Chaplain Glenda Noordam, to discuss school issues and prepare the agenda for Monday’s assembly. The students themselves then conduct the weekly assembly on Monday morning. Currently our student leaders are taking on the responsibility of helping organise fund raising to assist organisations such as the Leukaemia Foundation, Heart Kids, and Cancer Council. The Grade 6 Leaders have also been involved in developing and clarifying “rules” for some lunchtime games with the students and helping co-ordinate lunch play activities.

Our student Leaders play an important role at Nilma in mentoring the younger students.  It is great to see these students willing to take on leadership responsibilities and embrace such opportunities in their final year of primary school. As part of this group the students build their capacity to recognise and develop their strengths, confidence and resilience across a range of situations and experiences.