Digital Technology

At Nilma Primary School we value the use of technology and the important role it plays in society.

Our students have 1-1 netbook computer access and also access to ipads as needed. All classrooms have been fitted with new large televisions with wifi connectivity to all netbook computers.

We have invested a lot of time and money into upgrading our technology over the past few years by purchasing netbooks, headphones, coding kits, televisions and teaching cameras. This has assisted our staff, including teachers and education support staff, and students to utilise our technology more effectively in the classroom.

Our students all have a Google account and are encouraged to use Google Classroom and Google MEETS as part of their daily programs. Teachers are incorportaing the Google suite into the teaching program as well.

The school also utilises a number of websites/apps such as Wushka, Phonics Hero, Maths Online and Essential Mathematics and English.

Staff utilise SENTRAL as a means of communication to parents, report to parents and keep records of student data.

Throughout the whole school, students have been using Google Suite to access, complete and upload their learning. This has enabled students to develop independence and confidence , student agency and self-regulation.

Our school has been able to continue to plan as a team and confidently support the remote learning program in an effective way.