Language Program – AUSLAN

Learning a language in additional to English extends students’ literacy repertoires and their capacity to communicate. It strengthens students’ understanding of the nature of language, culture , and the processes of communication.

As of Term 2, 2022, students at Nilma will commence learning Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN). This is the language of the Australian Deaf community. For most learners, this will also involve reading in English.

Nilma Primary School will utilise the Auslan Education Service – Auslan Teaching Program.

Auslan Language Program at Nilma will include: video lessons on our own unique school page, a Teacher Planner for every Auslan Teaching Program through the use of the Auslan Educational Service lessons and an Illustrated Sign Reference Sheet with the signs for each lesson.

Students will be encouraged to join in and immerse themselves in song, dance, games art and language to enhance learning.