Principal’s Message

Welcome to Nilma Primary School.

At Nilma Primary School we provide a positive, stimulating and harmonious learning environment in a rural setting.

Our staff are a Professional Learning Community who work together to build Excellence in Teaching and Learning and build powerful relationships with families and the community to cater for student individual learning needs.

We seek to develop students’ educational, social and emotional competencies to the highest possible level, which prepares students to become lifelong learners and valued members of society.

We therefore strive to provide our students with the necessary building blocks for both academic success and social and emotional wellbeing. We strive to build students to be confident, collaborative, caring creative and critical thinkers.
Students have rich learning opportunities that extend their capacity to learn independently and interdependently.

A flexible approach to teaching and learning, including the use of multi-ageing, ensures that learning experiences with clear learning goals and rich interactive environment, facilitating learning within and beyond the school.

We believe that the most powerful way of preparing our students for a successful life is to work in partnership with our school community. We therefore encourage parents to take an active part school life.

Cooperation and teamwork are paramount at this school and we have high but realistic expectations of everyone. Each individual is treated with trust, respect and honesty. A passionate and professional attitude is valued and expected in all activities in this school. 

We look forward to building a positive partnership with all families who join our learning community.

Kind Regards

Annette Sutherland

Nilma Primary School Principal