Enrolment Information

Download the latest enrolment forms here

If you’re ready to enrol your child at Nilma Primary School for next year please download the enrolment form on this page and fill it out and forward it to the school.

Please read our Privacy Notice and Parent Information Booklet before filling in the enrolment form. Both of these are found below.

We thank you for your interest in our school and look forward to receipt of your enrolment form. Please contact us if you would like any further assistance with our enrolment form.

Please follow the link to determine your closest school using the ‘Find My School’ website.

Once you have filled out the enrolment form it can be delivered to the school or posted to it at:

Nilma Primary School
76 Bloomfield Road,
VIC, 3821

Here’s the forms: (Click to open)

Privacy Notice

Student Permission Booklet

Our Current Enrolment Form

Essential Educational Items (School Fees)

Code of Conduct

Asthma Letter

Asthma Management Form

Department Privacy Policy for Schools

DET Placement Policy

DET Enrolment Policy

For further information on the enrolment process for Victorian Government Schools please follow the link


1. You will need Adobe Reader to download this form. It is found routinely on almost all computers, but if you need it you can get it free HERE.

2. The forms above will open in a window in your browser. You can then print them or save them to a place on your computer to print later.