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As part of our Home Learning Program we expect students to be reading on a nightly basis, to practice reading strategies and comprehension skills.

Each week students are given the opportunity to select a game to take home. Educational games are a fun way to develop many social and oral language skills and problem solving strategies which are essential to literacy and numeracy learning. 

The LAUGH @ NILMA Program was established with the belief that Home Learning supports students with their School Learning. The program aims to:

 Engage students  

Encounter enjoyable, interactive and challenging experiences through games.

Encourage the development of social skills—e.g. turn taking, co-operation. 

Develop shared expectations for learning and interacting in a game.


Become familiar with new games, build strategies and investigate possible solutions to problems.  


Children get opportunity to talk about what they are learning, and watch and listen to others ways of thinking/ strategies.  


Engage in activities to develop other ways of thinking / ideas. Consider other possible game rules, or problem solving strategies.


Encourage your child to talk about and reflect on his/her learning. Parents support the child and offer praise